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Alternative Addiction Recovery Methods

Addiction Recovery Swifter, Smarter and More Attractive

From “good” to “great”: alternative addiction recovery

alternative addiction recovery methods

Navigate Alcohol and Drug Problems (ADP) with less stress, less expense, less time and less drama.

After 25 year in the field of Alcohol and Drug Treatment, I became weary of leading families down recovery roads full of pot holes, detours, and dead ends.   There is a better way.

“Alternative Addiction Recovery Methods” takes what’s good about addiction treatment and simply makes it better, faster and more effective.   If you have a love one with an Alcohol or Drug Problem (ADP), you cannot afford but to do everything possible to make a difference. Recoverymaps wants you to have that competitive edge to fighting ADP!


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There is so much more to recovery than just getting your loved one to treatment.  Treatment can be a useful tool, in the right situation and the right time.  For the vast majority of those with ADP, treatment is but a modest part of the solution.  Through careful research, we came to understand that what the families does before, during and after treatment is the best predictor of lasting success.  If you know someone with a ADP, please be sure to learn from what I and a team of dedicated staff learned a number of years ago: you the family; you the loved one; you the friend can be the instrument of bringing forth change in another!  Let us show you how.


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